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Vegan Meats Based on Mushroom

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Our vegan meats are a vegetable-based non- animal derived meat substitute with more than 5 years in the vegan meat industry. Our chef has taken great care to select the right combination of organic ingredients to make our meat stand out from the rest.

There is much speculation on the increase of disease that are spreading around the globe at an alarming rate, such as with the current covid-19 pandemic we are facing today. Many scientists, world leaders, health advocates and individuals agree that the natural barriers between humans and animals are not being respected and as such, we have allowed these diseases, many of which could have been avoided, to spread at an alarming rate, killing hundreds of thousands.

The most disturbing thing about this truth is the fact that once we’ve managed to overcome one disease, we then fall back into old habits by continuing with the same practices that caused or contributed to the disease outbreak in the first place, for example live animal markets, deforestation and the destruction of earth’s natural resources, many of which cannot be salvaged afterwards.

All of the above, in turn leads to cruelty to animals dwindling resources, habitat loss and a rise in the spread of preventable diseases.

Animal protein does not only put a person at risk for disease and viruses, but the protein itself has been proven to increase your risk of all types of disease. Infections adoption a plant-based diet can lower your blood pressure, reduce your stress and anxiety levels, lower cholesterol levels, improve blood sugar levels ( and even reverse certain types of diabetes), reduce the risk of cancer and improve weight management.

Many plant- based meat alternatives are full of gluten, some products are made with saitan, which is pure gluten. This can cause stomach issues such as cramps and bloating (flatulence). Many people are gluten intolerant and they don’t even realise it.

Our products leave gluten out of the equation and replace it with other ingredients that actually have nutritional value.

Our meats also have the added taste and texture advantage, because they taste, smell and have the nutritional value.

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Sit-Down & Take-Away Restaurant

Sit-Down & Take-Away

Ingredients: Mushrooms, gluten free flour friendly, olive,a little soya,salt,black pepper, onion,vinegar, beetroot

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"Really tasty food! The vegan meats were unique and exciting to try, and we ended with some of the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever tasted. Plus the employees were super nice! Great spot"

Marion Siman

"Very creative and fantastic plant based food with super friendly host! I had the Moroccan Lamb and it was delicious. Especially the sauce! I’ll definitely be back!"

Lalo Perez

Vegan Butchery

Sit-Down & Take-Away Restaurant

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